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Shipwrecks Related to the Spanish American War

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American Vessels:



The transport RIO DE JANEIRO

Diving on the USS MAINE, 1898

Salvaging of the Wreck of the USS MAINE

Spanish Vessels:

Transport ANTONIO LOPEZ, 1898

CASTILLA, Awash After the Battle, 1898

CRISTOBAL COLON Wreck Site ||| CRISTOBAL COLON Awash After the Battle, 1898

DON ANTONIO DE ULLOA Awash After the Battle, 1898

ISLA DE LUZON Awash After the Battle, 1898

OQUENDO Wreck Site

REINA CRISTINA Awash After the Battle, 1898

VIZCAYA Wreck Site ||| VIZCAYA Wreck from the stern, 1898

VIZCAYA Wreck from the bow, 1898 ||| VIZCAYA in 1902

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