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The Roster of  1st United States Volunteer Cavalry

(Roosevelt's "Rough Riders")

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New York Millionaires in Roosevelt's Rough Riders

Stereocard showing "New York Millionaires of Roosevelt's 'Rough Riders'" (Library of Congress)

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There are a number of rosters of the 1st U.S. Volunteer Cavalry, better known as the "Rough Riders" available. We decided that since most rosters list the men by their company affiliation, that we would do something different and list the entire regiment alphabetically. After each alphabetical listing will be the Troop designation, and rank. If no rank or specialized service is listed, then the individual was a private.

The listing here is based on the appendix in Virgil Carrington Jones' book, Roosevelt's Rough Riders. This list apears to be more complete than rosters based merely on muster-in or muster -out rolls alone.

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Alphabetical listings by Surname:

A ||| B ||| C ||| D ||| E ||| F ||| G ||| H ||| I ||| J ||| K ||| L ||| M ||| N ||| O ||| P ||| Q ||| R ||| S ||| T ||| U ||| V ||| W ||| X ||| Y ||| Z

The Roster:

Abbot, Charles G.  - Troop F
Adair, John M. – Troop L
Adams, Edgar S. – Troop F
Adams, John H. – Troop K
Adkins, Joseph R. – Troop I
Adsit, Nathaniel B. – Troop C
Akin, James E.  – Troop G
Alamia, John B. – Troop C
Albers, Heye L. – Troop F
Albertson, Edward J. – Troop F
Alexander, James F. – Troop F
Alexander, Joseph L. B
Alexis, George D. – Troop I
Allaun, Jacob Sapulpa – Troop M
Allen, George L. – Troop A
Allison. Jovillo – Troop H
Almack, Roll – Troop E
Ammonette, Albert B. – Troop H
Amrine, William D. – Troop D - Saddler
Anderson, Arthur T. – Troop G
Anderson, Thomas A. – Troop C
Andrews, William C. – Troop G
Arendt, Henry J., - Troop G
Armijo, George W., - Troop F – Sgt.
Armstrong, Charles A., - Troop C – Cpl.
Armstrong, Charles M. – Troop I
Armstrong, Edward C. – Troop G -  Cpl.
Armstrong, James T. – Troop K
Arnold, Edward B. –Troop G
Arnold Henry N. – Troop A
Arringo, G. W. – Troop F
Asay, William – Troop C
Ash, Alvin C. –Troop G
Atherton, T. J. – Troop F
Atkins, William T. – Troop C – Cpl.
Ausburn, Charles G. – Troop G
Azbill, John – Troop A
Azbill, William T. – Troop A

Babcock, Campbell E. – Troop K
Babcock, Guy M. – Troop L - Saddler
Baca, Jose M. – Troop E
Bailey, Robert Z. – Troop F
Bailey, William – Troop D
Bailie, Harry C. – Troop I
Bainter, Abraham L. – Troop I
Baird, Thompson M. – Troop M
Baker, Philip S – Troop H
Ballard, Charles L. – Troop M – 2nd Lt.
Barlow, John W. – Troop M
Barnard, John C. – Troop A
Barney, Leland – Troop M
Barrington, John P. – Troop M
Barthell, Peter K. – Troop C
Bartoo, Nelson E. – Troop A
Bassage, Albert C. – Troop I
Batchelder, Wallace N. – Troop K
Bates, William H., - Troop I
Bawcom, Joseph L. – Troop F
Beal, Andy R. – Troop M
Beal, Fred N. – Troop D
Beard, Lyman F. – Troop D – Cpl.
Beard, William M. – Troop E
Beck, Joseph H. – Troop E
Beebe, Walter S. – Troop B
Beissel, John J. – Troop G
Belknap, Prescott H. – Troop A
Bell, Dillwyn M. – Troop L – Sgt.
Bell, John H. – Troop F - Trumpeter
Bell, Sherman – Troop K
Bell, William A. – Troop F
Bendy, Cecil C. – Troop H
Bennett, Edward – Troop E
Bennett, Horton A. – Troop H -Wagoner
Benson, Victor H. – Troop L
Bernard, William C. – Troop K
Berner, Harry E. – Troop M – 1st Sgt.
Bird, Marshall N. –Troop B
Bishop, Louis B. – Troop G
Black, Columbus L. – Troop H
Black, James S. – Troop F
Boan, James F. – Troop F – Cpl.
Boehnke, John – Troop F – Cpl.
Bogardus, Frank – Troop F
Boggs, Looney L. – Troop B
Bohlinger, Eugene – Troop F - Sgt.
Booth, Frank B. – Troop F
Borrowe, Beekman K. – Troop B
Borrowe, Hallett Alsop – Troop I
Boschen, John – Troop I
Bowler, George P. – Troop C
Boydstun, John F. – Troop M
Boyle, James S. – Troop A
Bradley, Peter – Troop C
Bradley, Thomas G. – Troop K - Farrier
Bradshaw, Henry P. – Troop A
Brady, Fred L. – Troop B
Brady, James B. – Hospital Corps  - Steward
Brierty, Thomas – Troop M
Brandon, Perry H. – Troop K
Brauer, Lee W. – Troop A
Brazelton, William H. – Troop G
Breen, Timothy – Troop E – Sgt.
Breen, William J. – Troop K – Cpl.
Brennan, Jeremiah – Troop F
Brennan, John M. – Troop F
Briggs, Frank – Troop G – Cpl.
Brito, Frank C. – Troop H
Brito, Jose – Troop H
Brodie, Alexander Oswald – Lt. Col.
Brown, Edwin M. – Troop G
Brown, Harry R. – Troop I
Brown, Henry A. – Chaplain
Brown, Hiram T. – Troop E
Brown, James – Troop G – Sgt.
Brown, James T. – Troop D – Trumpeter
Brown, John, Troop I and Troop G
Brown, Leon – Troop M
Brown, Percy – Troop H
Brown, Robert – Troop G
Brown, Robert  - Co A – Sgt.
Bruce, Peter R. – Troop M – Wagoner
Bruce, Robert H. – Troop M – Capt.
Brumley, William H., Jr. – Troop G
Brush, Charles A – Troop I
Bryan, John B. – Troop H
Buckholdt, Charles – Troop B
Bucklin, Elhanan W. – Troop H – 1st Sgt.
Bugbee, Fred W. – Troop A
Bugbee, George L. – Troop A – Cpl.
Bull, Charles C. – Troop A
Bull Henry W. – Troop K – Cpl.
Bullard, John W. – Troop H
Bullock, Seth – Troop A - Capt.
Bulzing, William – Troop A
Bump, Arthur L. – Troop E and Troop K
Burden, I. – Troop K
Burdswell, Lee – Troop K – Wagoner
Burgess, George W. – Troop D
Burke, Edward F. – Troop D
Burks, Jesse E. – Troop M
Burks, Robert E. – Troop C
Burris, Walter C. – Troop F
Butler, James A. – Troop B
Butler, Peter L. – Troop M
Byan, John B – Troop H
Byrd, Samuel J. W. – Troop M
Byrne, John – Troop F and Troop L
Byrne, Peter F. – Troop D
Byrnes, Orlando C – Troop C

Calhoun, Wesley – Troop M
Caldrow, Gerald – Troop D
Cameron, Charles H. – Troop K
Camp, Cloid – Troop F
Camp, Marion – Troop G
Campbell, Douglas – Troop K
Campbell, John E. – Troop B – Sgt.
Capron, Allyn L., - Troop L – Capt.
Carden, Horace W. – Troop M
Carey, Oren E. – Troop L
Carleton, William C. – Troop C
Carlson, Carl –Troop C
Carpenter, William W – Troop L
Carr, Joseph A. – Troop D – 1st lt.
Carroll, John F. – Troop K
Carter, Arthur E. Troop M
Carter, Joshua D. – Clerk
Cartledge, Crantz – Troop C
Cartnell, Nathaniel M – Troop K
Casad, Charles Darwin – Troop H
Case, George Durant – Troop M
Casey, Edwin Eugene – Troop H
Cash, Walter S. – Troop K – Sgt.
Cashion, Roy V. – Troop D
Cassi, Emilio – Troop A – Trumpeter
Cate, James S. – Troop H
Cavanaugh, Thomas F. – Troop F – Sgt.
Cease, Forrest L. – Troop D
Chamberlin, Lowell A. – Troop B
Champlin, Fred E. – Troop A
Channing, Roscoe H. – Troop K
Chapin, Guilford B. – Troop E – Wagoner
Chase, Leslie C. – Troop D
Cherry, Charles C. – Troop F
Chester, Will M. – Troop B
Chilcoot, Fred – Troop L
Chopetal, Frank W. – Troop G
Christian, Benjamin – Troop B
Church, James Robert – Hospital Corps – Regimental Surgeon/1st Lt.
Ciper, Edward G. – Troop G – Trumpeter
Clagett, Jesse C. – Troop K
Clark, Frank M. – Troop I
Clark, Ray V. – Troop F – Farrier
Clark, Winslow – Troop G
Clelland, Calvin G. – Troop F
Cloud, William - Troop E
Coakley, Edwin – Co K
Cochran, Charles P. – Troop H
Cochran, Irad Jr., - Co E
Cochran, Nicholas H. – Troop L – Wagoner
Cochran, Willard M. – Troop F
Cody, William F. – Troop G
Coe, George M. – Troop I
Colbert, Benjamin H. – Troop F
Coleman, Lockett G. – Troop C
Coleman, Sherrard – Troop E – 2nd Lt.
Collier, Edward G. – Troop B
Colwell, Grant – Troop B
Conduit, Wentworth S. – Troop F – Cpl.
Cone, John S. – Troop H – Saddler
Conley, Edward C. – Troop F
Connell, Thomas J. – Troop H
Conner, Richard C. – Troop E
Conover, Alfred J. – Troop G
Conway, James – Troop E
Cook, Henry B. - Troop K
Cook, James – Troop L
Cook, Walter M. – Troop D
Cooke, Henry B. – Troop K
Cooper, Bud G. - Troop E
Corbe, Max C. – Troop G and Troop K – Trumpeter
Corbett, Thomas F. - Troop H
Cornish, Thomas J. – Troop H
Cosby, Arthur Fortunatus – Troop K
Cotton, Frank W. – Troop G
Covenaugh, Thomas F. – Troop G
Coville, Allen M. - Troop K
Cowden, Elliott C. –Troop I
Cox, Walter – Troop M
Coyle, Michael H. – Troop G
Cranford, William - Troop A
Crawford, William S. – Troop D
Creech, Hiram S. - Troop M – Cpl.
Crimmins, Martin L. – Troop B
Crockett, Joseph B. – Troop G
Cronin, Cornelius P. – Troop B – Sgt.
Crosley, Henry S. – Troop D
Cross, William E – Troop D
Crowninshield, Francis Benjamin – Troop K
Crucius, George T. – Troop K – Blacksmith
Crummins, Martin L. – Troop B
Cruse, James – Troop L
Cullen, John – Troop F – Cpl.
Culver, Edward – Troop L
Cunningham, Solomon M. – Troop D
Curry, George – Troop H – Capt.
Curtis, Harry A. – Troop A

Dame, William E. – Troop E – 1st Sgt.
Damet, John P. – Troop L
Danforth, Clyde – Troop C
Danforth William F. – Troop C
Daniels, Benjamin F. – Troop D
Darnell, Thomas – Troop H – Sgt.
Daughtery, Louis, - Troop F
David Icem J. – Troop D
Davidson, William A – Troop B – Sgt.
Davis, Harry A. – Troop E
Davis, Henry Clay – Troop E
Davis, James C. – Troop L
Davis, John Tarpon – Troop K
Davis, John W. – Troop L
Davis, Samuel  – Troop L
Dawson, Telden W – Troop L
Day, Richard Cushing – Troop L – 2nd Lt.
Day, Robert – Troop B
Dean, Dudley S. – Troop B
Dean, James M. – Troop E – Cpl.
Debli, Joseph – Troop E
De Dohun, John C. – Troop F
Dehumy, Gaston R. – Troop H – Trumpeter
De Montell, Oscar – Troop H – Sgt.
Denham, Alexander H. – Troop D
Denney, Robert W. – Troop I
Dennis, David C. – Troop L
Dettamore, George Will – Troop E
Detwiler, Sherman – Troop G
Devereaux, Horace K – Troop K -2nd Lt.
DeVol, Harry P. – Troop A
Devore, Samuel G – Troop K – Sgt.
Dewees, John H. – Troop C
De Zychlinski, William T. – Troop M
Dobson, William H. – Troop L
Dodge, George H. – Troop E
Doherty, George H. – Troop A – Cpl.
Dolan, Thomas Patrick, Troop H
Donaldson, Frank – Assistant Surgeon
Donnelley, Edward – Troop F – Cpl.
Donnelley, Hayes – Troop I – Farrier
Donnelley, Rutherford B. H. – Troop G
Donovan, Freeman M. – Troop E
Dorsey, Louis – Troop H
Doty, George B. – Troop H
Douglas, Arthur L. – Troop H – Farrier
Douglas, James, Troop F
Douglas, James B. – Troop E
Douthett, Matthew – Troop D
Dorell, Charles – Troop M
Downing, Samuel – Troop M – Cpl.
Doyle, James – Troop F – Sgt.
Drachman, Sol. B. – Troop B
Draper, Durwood D. – Troop B
Duke, Henry K. – Troop I
Duncan, Arthur G. – Troop C
Dunkle, Fred W. – Troop H
Dunn, Alfred B. – Troop G
Dunn, George M. – Maj.
Dunnigan, George B. – Troop L
Dupuy, Joseph
Duran, Abel B. – Troop H
Duran, Joseph L. Troop E and Troop K

Eads, Wade Q. – Troop B
Eakin, Alva L. – Troop B
Easley, William T. – Troop E
Easton, Stephen – Troop E
Eaton, Frank A – Troop H
Ebermann, Henry J. – Troop H – Sgt.
Edmunds, John H. – Troop G
Edwards, Lawrence W. – Troop E
Emerson, Benjamin A. – Troop M
Emerson, Edwin Jr.,  - Troop K
Emery, Elsie E. – Troop D
Endlsey, Guy D. – Troop F
Engel, Edwin P. – Troop C
Ennis, Richard L. – Troop L
Enyart, Silas R. – Troop L
Errickson, M. Nichols – Troop I  - Cpl.
Erwin, William T. – Troop F
Evans, Evan – Troop G
Evans, James R. – Troop L
Ewell, Edwards A – Troop H

Fairman, Charles E. – Troop M
Fandree, Charles J, - Troop M – Cpl.
Farley, William – Troop F
Farrell, Fred P – Troop H
Faulk, William A – Troop D
Faupel, Henry F. – Troop G
Fennell, William A - Troop E
Fennessy, Thomas D.  – Troop F – Sgt.
Ferguson, Robert Hector – Troop K – 2nd Lt.
Fettes, George – Troop E
Fish, Hamilton – Troop L – Sgt.
Fitch, Roger S. – Troop G
Fitzgerald, Frank T. – Troop B
Fleming, Clarence A. – Troop E and Troop K
Fletcher, Augustus C. – Troop H
Fletcher, Henry P. – Troop K
Flynn, Joseph F. – Troop F and Troop I
Foley, Henry C. – Troop M
Folk, Theodore – Troop D
Force, Peter – Troop G
Fornoff, Frederick – Troop G
Fortescue, G. Roland – Troop E – Cpl.
Foster, John – Troop B – Trumpeter
Fox, Harry B. – Troop A
Francis, Mack – Troop E
Frantz, Frank – Troop A – 1st Lt.
Freeman, Elisha A – Troop D
Freeman, Thomas L. – Troop A
Freeman, Will – Troop F
 French, Wilbur D – Troop C – Cpl.
Frenger, Numa C. – Troop H and Troop I
Fries, Frank D. – Troop E
Fritz, William H. – Troop H
Frye, Obey B. – C0. H
Fullenweider, Rolla A – Troop G – Sgt.

Galligher, William D – Troop F
Gammel, Roy U – Troop E
Gardiner, John P. – Troop C
Garland, George W. – Troop M
Garret, Samuel Hartley – Troop A
Garrison, Elisha E. – Troop C – Trumpeter
Gass, Conrad F – Troop B
Gasser, Louis – Troop H
Gasset, Percival Dedham – Troop I – Sgt.
Gaugham, James – Troop C – Blacksmith
Gavin, Anthony – Troop C
Gee, Charles R – Troop F – Blacksmith
Geiger, Percy A – Troop F and Troop I
George Ira – Troop H
Gerard, Sumner K. – Troop C – Sgt.
Gevers, Louis – Troop G
Gibbie, William R – Troop E
Gibbons, Floyd J. – Troop C
Gibbs, Henry M – Troop F
Gibbs, James P. – Troop E
Gibson, William C – Troop G
Giller, Alfred C – Troop I
Gilmore, Maurice E – Troop L
Girard, Alfred O. – Troop I – Sgt.
Gisler, Joseph – Troop E
Glessner, Otis – Troop F
Glover, William H. – Troop A
Goldberg, Samuel – Troop F – Cpl.
Gooch, John r. – Troop F
Goodrich, Benjamin H. – Troop I
Goodrich – David M. Troop D – 2nd Lt.
Goodwin, James C. – Troop C
Goodwin, John – Troop G
Goodwin, Richard E. – Troop B – Saddler
Gordon, Johnson – Troop M
Gosling, Frederick W. - Troop H
Goss, Conrad F. – Troop B
Goughan, James – Troop C
Green, Charles H. – Troop D
Green, Henry Clay – Troop E
Green, John D. – Troop F
Green, J. Knox – Troop G
Green, John Wesley – Troop G – 1st Lt.
Greenley, James T. – Troop A – Sgt.
Greenwald, Samuel – Troop A – Sgt.
Greenwald, Samuel – Troop I – 2nd Lt.
Greenway, John C. – Troop A – 1st Lt.
Greenwood, William W. – Troop A – 1st Sgt.
Gregory, Walter T. – Troop B  - Cpl.
Griffin, Arthur J. – Troop E – Trumpeter
Griffin, Walter W. – Troop A
Griffin, William Elkins – Troop E – 1st Lt.
Griffith, Ezra E. – Troop M
Grigg, John G – Troop E
Grigsby, Braxton – Troop E
Grigsby, James B. – Troop H
Grindell, Thomas F. – Troop C – Sgt.
Groves, Oscar – Troop G
Gurney, Frank W. – Troop B
Gutilius, Nevin P. – Troop H – Sgt.

Hadden, David A. – Troop E
Haefner, George V – Troop G – Farrier
Haefner, Henry J. – Troop G
Hale, Edward – Troop F – Cpl.
Haley, Robert M. – Troop L
Hall, Edward – Troop C
Hall, James T. – Troop M
Hall, Joel Rexford – Troop B
Hall, John – Troop M – Farrier
Hall, John M. – Troop B
Hall, John P. – Troop E
Hall, Thomas – Adjutant, Regimental Quartermaster – 1st Lt.
Hamilton, James C. – Troop H – Cpl.
Hamilton, James Monroe – Troop H
Hamilton, Thomas Jerome – Troop A – Blacksmith
Hamilton, Troy – Troop M
Hamilton, Warden W. – Troop E
Hammer, John S. – Troop B
Hamner, George – Troop F
Hanson, Ivan M, - Troop C
Hanson, William – Troop C
Harding, John D – Troop E
Harkness, Daniel D. – Troop E
Harmson, Frank W. – Troop B – Blacksmith & Farrier
Harner, Frank J. – Troop A – Trumpeter
Harris, Chester – troop M
Hartle, Albert C. – Troop F
Hartzell, Ira C. – Troop B
Haskell, Ernest Eddy – Acting 2nd Lt.
Hatch, Charles P. – Troop D
Hawes, Frederick W. – Troop M
Hawes, George P., Jr. – Troop A
Hawkins, Charles D. – Troop L
Hawkins, Morency A – Troop M – Sgt.
Hawley, Elmer – Troop B – Sgt.
Haydon, Roy F. – Troop B
Hayes, Frank P. – Troop L - 2nd Lt.
Haymon, Edward G. B. – Troop A
Haynes, Jacob M. – Troop D
Haywood, Henry H. – Troop K – Sgt.
Heagart, Rudolph H. – Troop L
Healey, Frank F. – Troop G
Heard, Judson – Troop E
Hedrick, Ben – Troop F
Heitman, Charles E. – Troop B – Cpl.
Henderleider, Jerome W. – Troop L
Henderson, John – Troop G
Henderson, Sibird B. – Troop B
Hendricks, Milo A. – Troop L
Henley, King C. – Troop A – Sgt.
Henshaw, Laten R. – Troop G
Hermeyer, Ernest W. – Troop H
Herold, Philip M. – Troop C
Herrig, Frederick – Troop K – Cpl.
Herring, Leary O. – Troop H
Hersey, Henry B. – Maj.
Heywood, John P. – Troop B
Hickey, Walter – Troop F
Higgins, Thaddeus – Troop K – Sgt.
Hildebrand, Louis T. – Troop B
Hildreth, Fenn S. – Troop B
Hill, Calvin – Troop D – Cpl.
Hill, Edwin M. – Troop D
Hill, Frank A - Troop G – Saddler
Hill Grant – Troop E – Farrier
Hill, Ira – Troop D – Sgt.
Hill, Jefferson – Troop F – Wagoner
Hill, Wesley – Troop C – Cpl.
Hixon, Thomas L. – Troop E – Cpl.
Hodgdon, Charles E – Troop A
Hoffman, Fred – Troop A
Hoffman, George B – Troop M
Hogan, Daniel L – Troop A
Hogan, Michael – Troop F
Hogle, Will H – Troop E
Hokey, Charles J. – Troop M – Trumpeter
Holden, Prince A. – Troop E
Holderman, Bert T. – Troop L
Hollister, L. Stanley – Troop A
Holmes, Thomas M. – Troop D
Holt, Everett E. – Troop F
Holt, Harrison J. – Troop D
Holtzschue, Carl – Troop A – Cpl.
Honeycutt, James V. – Troop D
Honeyman, John D. – Troop A – Cpl.
Hood, John B. – Troop E
Hopping, Charles O. – Troop F
Houchin, Willis C. – Troop M
Houston, Robert C. – Troop H
Howard, John L. – Troop A – Cpl.
Howard, John S. – Troop D
Howell, William – Troop M
Howell, William S. E. – Troop E – Farrier
Howland, Harry – Troop C
Hubbel, John D. – Troop A
Hubbell, William C. – Troop C
Hudson, Arthur L. – Troop E
Huffman, Lawrence E. – Troop A
Hughes, David L. – Troop B – Cpl.
Hughes, Frank – Troop L
Hughes, Garfield – Troop F – 2nd Sgt.
Hughes, William E. – Troop L
Hulme, Robert A – Troop D & Troop K
Hulskotter, John – Troop E
Hunt, Leroy R – Troop H
Hunter, Charles E. – Troop D – Sgt.
Hunter, Paul W. – Troop D – Sgt.
Huson, Willis O. – Troop C – 1st Sgt.
Huston, Robert B. – Troop D – Capt.
Hutchason, Joseph M. – Troop M
Hutchison, William M. – Troop E

Irvine, William T.
Isbell, Thomas J. – Troop L
Ishler, Shelby F. – Troop D
Ives, Gerard Merrick – Troop K
Ivy, Charles B – Troop D

Jackson, Cade C. – Troop A – Cpl.
Jackson, Charles B. – Troop A
Jackson, John N. – Troop M – Cpl.
Jackson, John W. – Troop A
Jacobus, Charles W. – Troop E
 James, William F. – Troop K
James, Frank W – Troop H
James, William T. – Troop B
Jenkins, Micah J. – Maj.
Johns, William S. – Troop L
Johnson, Albert John – Troop G
Johnson, Albert Sidney – Troop M - 2nd Lt.
Johnson, Anton E. – Troop B
Johnson, Bankston – Troop M
Johnson, Charles – Troop H
Johnson, Charles L. – Troop M
Johnson, Harry F. – Troop H
Johnson, John W. – Troop A
Johnson, Lewis L. – Troop H
Johnson, Nova A. – Troop H – Cpl.
Johnston, Charles E – troop E
Johnston, Edward W – Troop D
Johnston, Gordon – Troop M
Jones, Albert M. – Troop E – Sgt.
Jones, Charles L. – Troop M
Jones, George F. – Troop H
Jones, Levi – Troop L
Jones, Thomas B. – Troop E
Jones, William G. – Troop M
Jones, William H. – Troop G
Jopling, Cal – Troop H
Jordan, Andrew M. – Troop D
Jordan, Eldridge E. – Troop C – Cpl.
Joyce, Walter Ross – Troop D
Judson, Alfred M. – Troop E

Kane, Woodbury – Troop K – 1st Lt.
Kania, Frank – Troop G
Kansky, Joseph F. – Troop H & troop I – Sgt.
Kastens, Harry E. – Troop C – Cpl.
Kean, John R. – Troop L
Kearns, Edward L. – Troop M
Keeley, Bert T. – Troop G
Kehoe, Michael J. – Troop H
Keir, Alex S. – troop B
Keithley, Luther M. – Troop M – Saddler
Keithley, Ora E. – Troop M
Kelly, John M. – Troop H
Kelly, William H – Troop H – 1st Lt.
Kelm, Amadnus – Troop H
Kendall, Harry J. – Troop H
Kennedy, Stephen A. – Troop F
Kennia, Frank – troop K
Kerney, George M. – Troop F & Troop I – Wagoner
Kerr, George Jr. – Troop K
Keyes, Maxwell – Troop F – 2nd Lt.
King, George C. – Troop B
King, Harry Bruce – Troop F
King, Henry A – Troop G
King, Herbert A – Troop F – Sgt.
King, John – Troop M – Farrier
Kinglsey, Charles E. – Troop E
Kinkade, Elijah S. – Troop L
Kinnerbrugh, Ollie A. - Troop H
Kinney, Mike - Troop L - Blacksmith
Kirch, Henry - Troop G - Cpl.
Kissam, William A - Troop E
Kline, Joe A. - Troop L
Kline, John S. - Troop G
Klingman, Adam H. - Troop C - Sgt.
Knapp, Edgar A. - Troop E
Knoblauck, Charles E. - Troop E -Cpl.
Knoblauck, George W. - Troop K - Trumpeter
Knox, Robert G. - Troop K
Knox, William Frank - Troop D
Krevt, Robert G. - Troop L
Kyle, Yancey - Troop M

Laird, Emmett – Troop D
Laird, Thomas J. – Troop B
Lamotte, Henry – Maj.
Land, Oscar N. – Troop E
Lane, Edward K. – Troop L
Lane, Sanford G. – Troop M
Langdon, Jesse D. – Troop K
Langston, John S. – Troop E – Sgt.
Lankford, Jerome – Troop C – Wagoner
Lannon, John – Troop H
Larned, William A. – Troop A
Larsen, Louis - Troop F
Larson, Anton – Troop G
Lavelle, Nolan Z. – Troop F
Lawrence, Richard – Troop L
Lawson, Frank H. – Troop H
Leach, John M – Troop F
Leahy, David J. – Troop G – 2nd Lt.
Ledwidge, Thomas P. – Troop E – Cpl.
Lee, Jerry F. – Troop B – Cpl.
Lee, Joseph Jenkins – Troop K
Lee, Robert E – Troop E – Trumpeter
Leffert, Charles E. – Troop F
Lefors, Jefferson Davis – Troop A
Lentz, Edward – Troop L
Leroy, Arthur M. – Troop A
Le Stourgeon, E. Guy – Troop F
Lewis, Adelbert – Troop H
Lewis, Edward S. – Troop E – Trumpeter
Lewis, Frank A. – Troop L
Lewis, James – Troop E
Lewis, Taylor B – Troop H –Wagoner
Leiws, Willaim F. – Troop A
Lie, Frederick K. – Troop K  - Cpl.
Liggett, Edward – Troop A
Ligon, Robert E. – Troop H
Lincoln, Malcom D. – Troop G
Lisk, Guy M. – troop F
Little, Rollie L. – Troop L
Littleton, Elias M. – Troop G
Livingston, Thomas Cambridge – Troop E
Llewellyn, Morgan O. B. – Troop H – Cpl.
Llewellyn, William H. H. – Troop G – Capt.
Looyd, William E. – Troop M – Sgt.
Logue, David – Troop B
Long, Benjamin A – Troop K – Saddler
Loughmiller, Edgar F. – Troop D
Love, Henry K. – Troop D
Love William J. – Troop G
Lovelace, Carl – Troop D
Lowe, Frank – Troop E
Lowitzki, Hyman S. – Troop E
Ludy, Daniel – Troop E
Luna, Maximiliano – Troop F – Capt.
Lusk, Henry K. – Troop D
Luther, Arthur A – Troop D – Farrier
Lutz, Eugene A – Troop G
Lyle, James C. – Troop G
Lynch, Charles S – Troop M – Cpl.

Madden, Charles E - Troop M
Madsen, Christian - Regimental Quartermaster Sgt.
Mahan, Lloyd L. - Troop E
Maloon, Winthrop L. - Troop K
Mann, Eugene M. - Troop G
Marine, Rufus H. - Troop A
Marion, Frank - Troop M - Trumpeter
Marshall, Creighton G. - Troop K - Wagoner
Marti, Frank - Troop C - Sgt.
Martin, Denry D. - Troop E -Pvt.
Martin, John - Troop E
Martin, Robert Lee - Troop H
Martin, Thomas - Troop F
Marvin, William E - Troop C
Mason, David P. - Troop C
Massie, James - Hospital Corps - 1st Lt.
Mattocks, William L. - Troop F - Sgt.
Maverick, Lewis - Troop K
Maxey, James H. - Troop C - Quartermaster Sgt.
May, James A - Troop A
Maytubby, Bud - Troop M
McAdams, Joel H. – Troop H
McAdams, John – Troop C – Cpl.
McCaa, Columbus Haile – Troop G
McCabe, Frederick Howard – Troop E
McCabe, George J. – Troop B – Cpl.
McCamish, Andrew L. – Troop L
McCann, Walter J. – Troop B
McCarter, George A – Troop A – Cpl.
McCarthy, Calvin – Troop B – Cpl.
McCarthy, Frederick J. – Troop H
McCarthy [McArty], Frank M. – Troop A
McCarthy, George H. – Troop G
McClintock, James H. – Troop B – Capt.
McClure, David V. – Troop D – Cpl.
McCoy, John – Troop F
McCulloch, Samuel T. – Troop G
McCurdy, Frank Allen – Troop F
McCurdy, John – Troop F
McDaniel, Thomas E. – Troop M
McDonald, Asa W. – Troop L
McDonald, Frank R. – Troop L
McDowell, John C. - Troop E
McFie, Ralph E - Troop E
McGarr, Charles L. - Troop A - Cpl.
McGehee, Matthew T. - Troop G - Sgt.
McGinnis, Schuyler A. - Troop D - 1st. Lt.
McGinty, Joseph E. - Troop B - Wagoner
McGinty, William - Troop D and Troop K
McGowan, Alexander - Troop G
McGregor, Herbert P. - Troop F
McGuire, James E - Troop L
McIlhenny, John A. - Troop E - 2nd Lt.
McKay, Charles F. - Troop E
McKay, James - Troop L - Cpl.
McKay, William J. - Troop K
McKinley, Charles E. - Troop E
McKinney, Frank G - Troop G
McKinney, Oliver - Troop G
McKinnon, Samuel - Troop E
McMaster, Frederick D - Troop K
McMillen, Albert Campbell - Troop B
McMillen, Robert L. - Troop D
McMullen, John - Troop M - Wagoner
McMullen, Samuel J. - Troop G
McMurtey, George G - Troop D
McPherren, Charles Elmo - Troop M
McPherson, Charles E - Troop M

McSparron, John - Troop G - Cpl.
Meagher, Henry - Troop D -Cpl.
Meagher, Thomas F. - troop L
Menger, Otto F. - Troop E -Cpl.
Merchant, James E - Troop E
Merritt, Fred M. - troop B
Merritt, William W. - Troop B
Meyers, Fred P. - Troop G - 1st Sgt.
Middleton, Clifton C. - Troop B
Miller, Boot - Troop L
Miller, David R - Troop I
Miller, Edwin H. - Troop I
Miller, Frank P. - Troop G
Miller, Jacob H. - Troop I
Miller, John S. -Troop E
 Miller, Raleigh L. - Troop G - Sgt.
Miller, Roscoe Benjamin - Troop D
Miller, Samuel - Troop H
Miller, Theodore - Troop D
Miller, Volney Dorsey - Troop D
 Mills, Charles E. - Troop A
 Mills, John B. - Troop F
Misner, Jackson Harvey - Troop B
Mitchell, Mason - Troop K
Mitchell, William - Troop M - Wagoner
Mitchell, William A. - Troop H - Sgt.
Mitchell, William H. - Troop D
Moffett, Edward B - Troop C
Mohler, Jacob S - Troop G - Quartermaster Sgt.
Monckton, William J. - Troop H
Montgomery, Lawrence N - Troop K
Mooney, Thomas A - Troop H
Moore, John J. - Troop L
Moore, Rosecoe B - Troop I
Moran, Daniel - Troop G
Moran, Thomas - Troop D - Farrier
Moran, William J. - Troop E
Morgan, Francis Lee -Troop C - Saddler
Morgan, Morton M. - Troop H - Cpl.
Morgan Schuyler C. -Troop G
Morgan, Ulysses G. - Troop G
Morrell, Robert W. - Troop M
Morris, Ben F. - Troop I
Morrison, Amaziah B - Troop E
Morrison, John V. - Troop H - Sgt.
Morse, raymond - Troop G -Sgt.
Mullen, John - Troop E - Cpl.
Mullen, J. Oscar - Troop C
Muller, Frederick - Troop E - Capt.
Munger, William C - Troop E
Munn, Edward - Troop D
Murchie, Guy - Troop A
Murphy, James E. - Troop B
Murphy, William S. - Troop M
Murray, Frank - Troop H - Cpl.
Murray, George F. - Troop H
Muxlow, Lorrin D. - Troop D - Wagoner

Nash, Hnery W - Troop A - Sgt.
Neal, John M. - Troop F
Neff, Nettleton - Troop H
Nehmer, Charles A. - Troop F - Farrier
Nehmer, William J. - Troop H
Nesbit, Otto W. - Troop F
Nettleblade, Adoph F. - Troop E
Neville, George A. - Troop C
Newcomb, Marcellus L. - Troop D
Newitt, George W. - Troop F
Newhone, Thomas M. - Troop C
Nichols, Errickson - Troop I - Cpl.
Nichols, Frederick E. - Troop M
Nichols, Ode C. -Troop M - 1st Lt.
Nicholson, Charles P. - troop K
Nickell, William E. - Troop F
Nobles, William H - Troop H
Noish, John - Troop G
Norman, Maxwell, Troop K - Cpl.
Norris, Edmund S. - Troop K
Norris, George - Troop D - Cpl.
North, Franklin H. - Troop I
Northon, Edward G. - Troop B - Quartermaster Sgt.
Norton, Gould G. - Troop B
Norton, John W. - Troop C
Norton, Oliver B - Troop B
Noyes, Sam W. - Troop C - Sgt.

O'Brien, Edward - Troop A
O'Dell, William W. - Troop G
O'Leary, Daniel - Troop C
O'Neal, Thomas - Troop G - Wagoner
O'Neil, John - Troop E
O'Neill, William O. "Bucky" - Troop A - Capt.
Orme, Norman L. - Troop B
Osborne, George - Troop A
Oskison, Richard L. - Troop L
Ott, Charles H. - Troop H - Cpl.
Owens, Clay T. - Troop H
Owens, Edward L. - Troop L
Owens, John M. - Troop M.
Owens, William A - Troop B

Page, John - Troop H
Page, John F. - Troop D (Iowa)
Page, John F - Troop D (Oklahoma Territory)
Page, William - Troop A
Palmer, Orlando G. - Troop D - 1st Sgt.
Palmer, William F. - Troop D
Parker, John W. - Troop C
Parker - Ora E. - Troop L
Parmele, Charles A - Troop F
Parnell, Bud - Troop L
Parrish, Robert J. - Troop E
Parsons, Cragg - Troop M - Blacksmith
Pate, Stephen A. - Troop B - Quartermaster Sgt.
Patterson, Hal A. - Troop B
Patterson, Robert S. - Troop C - 1st Lt.
Paxton, Frank - Troop A
Payne, Forest B - Troop B
Peabody, Harry -Troop G
Pearsall, Paul S. - Troop A
Pearson, Rufus W. - Troop C - Sgt.
Peck, John C. - Troop B
Pemberton, Thomas W. - Troop B - Cpl.
Pennington, Elijah - Troop G
Perry, Arthur L. - Troop F - Trumpeter
Perry, Arthur R. - Troop C - Sgt.
Perry, Charles B. - Troop A
Pettit, Louis P. - Troop A
Petty, Archibald - Troop G
Philip, Hoffman - Troop A
Philpot, Leigh T. - Troop L
Phipps, Thomas W. - Troop G
Physioc, Willis J. - Troop H - Cpl.
Pierce, Harry B - Troop A.
Pierce, Howard - Troop G
Piersol, James M. - Troop H
Piper, Edward G - Troop G - Trumpeter
Pipkin, Price - Troop H
Pipkins, Virgil A - Troop M
Platt, Clay - Trumpeter
Poe, Nathaniel M - Troop L
Poey, Alfred - Troop K
Pollack, William J. - Troop D
Pollak, Albin Jay - Troop K
Pollock, Horatio C. - Troop B
Pollock, John F. - Troop H - Trumpeter
Pomeroy, Fred  A - Troop B - Farrier and Blacksmith
Pond, Ashley - Troop C
Poole, Wilbert L. - Troop M - Sgt.
Powell, Lory H. - Troop H
Powers, Albert - Troop F - Cpl.
Prentice, Royal A. - Troop E - Sgt.
Preston, Robert A. - Troop G
Price, Benjamin W. - Troop L
Price, Stewart R. - Troop E and Troop I - Cpl.
Price, Walter Winston. - Troop L

Proctor, Joseph H. - Troop D
Proffitt, William B. - Troop B
Pronger, Norman W. - Troop H
Pulley, William O. - Troop L

Quaid, William, Jr. - Troop K
Quier, Frank T. - Troop F - Cpl.
Quigg, George H. - Troop G
Quin, Walter D. - Troop G

Radcliff, William - Troop G
Rafalowitz, Hyman - Troop F
Ragland, Robert C. - Troop G
Ramsey, Homer - Troop E
Randebaugh, James D. - Troop A
Randolph, Joseph A. - Troop D - Sgt.
Ranlett, Charles J. - Troop I
Rapp, Adolph - Troop A
Ratcliffe, William - Troop G
Raudebaugh, James D. - Troop A (may be same as Randebaugh, James D., listed above)
Raulett,Charles - Troop A
Rayburn, Harry C. - Troop C
Raymond, Millard Lee - Troop F
Reay, Scott - Troop D - Sgt.
Rebentisch, Adolph - Troop F
Reber, William R. - Troop E - Sgt.
Reed, Clifford L. - Troop F
Reed, Colton - Troop K
Reed, George W. - Troop C - Farrier
Reed, Harry B. - Troop F
Regan, John J. - Troop H
Reid, Robert W. - Troop G
Reid, William S. - Troop G - Blacksmith
Reidy, John - Troop H
Reidy, John - Troop I (may be same as above)
Renner, Charles L. - Troop F
Reyer, Adolph T. - Troop F
Reynolds, Benjamin F. - Troop M
Reynolds, Edwin L. - Troop F
Reynolds, Lewis - Troop A
Rhoades, John D. - Troop D - Cpl.
Rhodes, Samuel H. - Troop A  Sgt.
Rice, Lee C. - Troop F
Rich, Allen K. - Troop L
Richards, Richard - Troop G
Ricketts, Basil N. - Troop I - 1st Sgt.
Ricketts, William L. - Troop C
Rinehart, Robert - Troop B
Ritchie, James D. - Troop G - Cpl.
Roberson, James R.
Roberts, Frank S. - Troop B
Roberts, John P. - Troop E
Roberts, Thomas - Troop E
Roberts, William J. - Troop L
Robertson, George W. - Troop L
Robinson, Frank P. - Troop L
Robison - John F. - Troop E
Robinson, John F. - Troop E
Robinson, Kenneth Douglas - Troop K
Roderer, John N. - Troop C
Rodgers, Joseph J. - Troop L
Roediger, August - Troop H
Rogers, Albert - Troop F
Rogers, Joseph J. - Troop L
Rogers, Leo G. - Troop F - Saddler
Roland, George - Troop G
Ronalds, Reginald - Troop K - Sgt.
Roosevelt, Theodore - Lt Col. (later Col.)
Rose, Lewis W. - Troop M
Rose, Michael C. - Troop H
Ross, William E. - Troop M
Rouse, John L. - Troop M
Rowdin, John E. - Troop C
Rupert, Charles W. - Troop C
Russell, Albert P. - Troop D
Russell, Arthur L. - Troop F
Russell, Daniel - Troop L
Russell, Marcus D. - Troop G
Russell, Walter L. - Troop M
Russig, Max - Troop I
Rutherford, Bruce H. - Troop H
Ryan, John E. - Troop E
Rynerson, William L. - Troop H - Quartermaster Sgt.
Rynning, Thomas Harbo - Troop B -2nd Lt.

Sandoval, Joe T. - Troop E - Saddler
Sands, George H. - Troop D - Sgt.
Santo, William T. - Troop L.
Saucier, Harry S. - Troop H
Saunders, William H  - Troop B
Saville, Michael - Troop G
Sawyer, Benjamin - Troop H
Sayers, Samuel E. - Troop C
Sayre, Hal, Jr. - Troop C - 2nd Lt.
Scanlon, Edward - Troop E
Schafer, George - Troop H
Scharf, Charles A. - Troop C
Scharnhorse, Carl J., Jr., - Troop F [Family indicates his name was "Carl John Scharnhorst"]
Schenck, Frank W. - Troop B
Schmutz, John C. - Troop D
Schnepple, William C. - Troop E
Schulz, Theodore E - Troop M
Schupp, Eugene - Troop D
Schutt, Henry - Troop H
Schwartz, Edgar A - Troop G - Cpl.
Schweizer, Jacob - Troop D - 2nd Lt.
Scopbey, Arthur E. - Troop L
Scott, Clif D. - Troop D
Scroggins, Oscar
Scudder, William M. - Troop C
Scull, Guy H. - Troop C
Seaders, Ben F. - Troop E
Seaver, George H. - Troop L
Sellers, Henry J. - Troop A
Sells, Henry - Troop A
Sennett, James B - Troop F
Sennett, Lee - Troop H
Settle, Green A. - Troop H
Sewall, Henry F - Troop A
Sexsmith, William - Troop C
Shackleford, Marcus L. - Troop C
Shanafelt, Dick - Troop D
Shanks, Lee P. - troop A
Shannan, Charles W. - Troop G
Sharland, George H. - Troop F
Sharp, Emerson E. - Troop H
Sharp, Walter L. - Troop L
Shaw, James A. - Troop A
Shaw, John F - Troop H
Sheard, Uriah - Troop H
Sherman, Horace E. - Troop F - 1st Sgt.
Shields, William G. - Troop F
Shipp, Edward M. - Troop D
Shockey, James M. - Troop D - Cpl.
Shoemaker, John - Troop C
Simmons, Charlie M. - Troop G
Simms, William M. - Troop L
Simpson, William Sloan - Troop D - Cpl.
Sinnett, James - Troop B (May be same as James Sennett, above)
Sinnett, Lee - Troop G (May be same as Lee Sennett, above)
Skelton, James Wesley - Troop L
Skinner, Arthur V. - Troop E
Skipwith, John G. - Troop F
Skogsberg, Charles G. - Troop C
Slaughter, Benjamin - Troop B
Slevin, Edward - Troop E
Sloan, Samuel P. - Troop M
Sloan, Thomas M.  - Troop C
Smith, Bert - Troop L
Smith, Clarke T. - Troop K
Smith, Fred - Troop D
Smith, George L. - Troop K
Smith, Joseph L. - Troop M - Cpl.
Smith, Joseph S. - Troop K
Smith, Race W. - Troop B
Smith, Sylvester S. - Troop L
Snodderly, William L. - Troop B
Somers, Fred B. - Troop C - Trumpeter
Somers, Willis E. - Troop G
Spencer, Arthur P. - Troop F - Cpl.
Spencer, EDward J. - Troop F
Staley, Franics M. - Troop D
Stanton, Richard H. - Troop B
Stark, Wallace J. - Troop A
Staub, Louis E. - Troop F
St. Clair, Edward C. - Troop H
Seatdman, T. D. - Troop D
Stecker, Ernest - Sgt. Mjr.
Stelzriede, John A. W. - Troop C - Trumpeter
Stefens, Luke B. - Troop L
Stephens, Oregon - Troop E
Stevens, Joseph - Troop K - Cpl.
Stewart, Clyde H. - Troop D
Stewart, Henry J. - Troop M
Stewart, Luther L. - Troop G - Cpl.
Stewart, Newton - Troop H
Stewart W. Walton - Troop B
Stidham, Theodore E. - Troop L
Stillson, Earl - Troop G
Stockbridge, Arthur J. - Troop F
Stockton, Richard - Troop K
Storms, Morris J. - Troop H
Sullivan, Patrick J. - Troop A
Sullivan, William J. - Troop H
Swan, George D. -Troop G
Swearinger, George - Troop L
Sweet, Philip K. - Troop K - Sgt.
Swetnam, John W. - Troop B
Sykes, Marion - Troop M

Tailor, James B. - Troop K - Cpl.
Tait, John H. - Troop G and Troop I
Talman, Frank U. - Troop M - Cpl.
Tauer, William L. - Troop D
Tangen, Edward - Troop F
Taylor, Berry F. - Troop E - Sgt.
Taylor, Warren P. - Troop L
Taylor, William R. - Troop E
Temple, Frank - Troop F
Test, Clarence L - Troop K
Thomas, Albert M. - Troop D
Thomas, Jesse C - Troop M
Thomas, John R., Jr.  - Troop L - 1st Lt.
Thomas, Neal - Troop G
Thomas, Rufus K - Troop A
Thomas, Theodore C - Troop H
Thompson, Alexander M. - Troop H
Thompson, Charles - Troop F
Thompson, Frank M. - Troop G
Thompson, George - Troop I
Thompson, Joseph F., Jr., - Troop A
Thompson, Sylvester V. - Troop L
Thorpe, Henry H. - Troop K
Tiffany, William - Troop K
Tilkie, Charles M. - Troop B
Toland, Jesse T. - Troop B
Tomlinson, Leroy E. - Troop B
Torbett, John G. - Troop E
Townsend, Albert B. - Troop B
Townsend, Charles M. - Troop I
Toy, J. Frederick - Troop K
Travis, Grant - Troop G
Traynor, William S. - Troop H
Tritz, William H. - Troop H
Trowbridge, Lafayette - Troop C - Cpl.
Truman, George E. -Troop B
Trump, Norman O. - Troop F
Tudor, J. William - Troop K
Tuttle, Arthur L. - Troop A
Twyman, John L. - Troop I
Tyler, Edwin - Troop M - Blacksmith

Uttling, Charles H. - Troop B - Sgt.
Underwood, Clarence H. - Troop I - Trumpeter

Vance, William E. - Troop C
Vanderslice, James E - Troop D
Van Horn, Eustis E - Troop G
Van Schaick, Henry S. - Troop K - Cpl.
Van Siclen, Frank - Troop A
Van Treese, Louis H. - Troop B
Van Valen, Alexander L. - Troop D
Vans Agnew, Frank – Troop C
Venable, Warner M. - Troop K
Vickers, John W. - Troop M
Vines, Jesse G. - Troop C
Vinnedge, George E. - Troop F
Vyne, Nicholas A. - Troop G - Sgt.

Wadsworth, Craig W. - Troop K - Sgt.
Waffensmith, William H - Troop I - Sgt.
Wager, Oscar G. - Troop A
Waggoner, Curtis C. - Troop H
Waggoner, Daniel G. - Troop H
Wagner, John D. - Troop M
Wagner, William W. - Troop E
Wallace, Alexander H. - Troop A
Wallace, Walter D. - Troop A
Wallace, William F. - Troop A
Wallack, Robert R. - Troop C
Wallar, John H. - Troop A - Wagoner
Waller, Edward C. - Troop E - Cpl.
Waller, John H. - Troop A - Wagoner (may be same as Wallar, John H., above)
Walsh, George - Troop A - Sgt.
Walsh, John - Troop F
Walters, Jesse - Troop B - Trumpeter
Ward, Frank - Troop B
Warden, John L. - Troop K
Wardwell, Louis C. - Troop F
Warford, David E. - troop B
Warren, George W. - Troop E
Warren, Hedrick M. - Troop C - Cpl.
Warren, Paul - Troop F
Waterbury, Eugene W. - Troop B - Cpl.
Watrous, Charles E. - Troop F
Wayland, T. J. - Troop A
Weakley, Horace W. - Troop F -1st Lt.
Weathers, Bruce C. - Troop C - Cpl.
Weaver, Otis B. - Troop M - Sgt.
Webb, Adelbert D. - Troop A
Webb, Gerald A. - Troop D - Sgt.
Webb, William W. - Troop B
Weber, Beauregard - Troop F
Webster, David - Troop M
Weil, Henry J. - Troop A
Weitzel, John F. - Troop D
Welch, Anthony - Troop G
Weller, Samuel M. - Troop G
Wells, James Ogden - Troop D
Wells, Thomas J. - Troop F
Wentworth, S. Conduit - Troop F - Cpl.
Wertheim, Adolph S. - Troop F
Wesley, Frederick C. - Troop E - Sgt.
Wetmore, Robert Charles - Troop L
Wetmore, Starr M. - Troop D - Trumpeter
Whalen, F. G. - Troop A
Wheeler, Frank G. - Troop H
White, Harry C. - Troop A - Cpl.
White, Lyman E. - Troop G
Whitney, Forest - Troop A - Saddler
Whitney, Schuyler C. - Troop L
Whittaker, George C. - Troop B
Whittington, Richard - Troop G
Wickham, Patrick - Troop H
Wientge, Frederick W.- Troop I - 1st Lt.
Wiggins, Thomas W. - Troop B
Wilberg, Axel E. - Troop K
Wilcox, George B. - Troop B - 1st Lt.
Wiley, Harry B. - Troop F
Wilkerson, Wallace W. - Troop B
Wilkens, George W. - Troop L
Wilkinson, SamuelI - Troop H
Willard, Wallace B. - Troop A - Farrier
Williams, Arthur E. - Troop H - Cpl.
Williams, Benjamin H. - Troop M - Cpl.
Williams, George W - Troop M
Williams, Hirma E. - Troop G
Williams, Maynard R. - Troop L
Williams, Thomas C - Troop E
Wills, Thomas J. - Troop F
Wilson, Charles A - Troop I
Wilson, Charles E. - Troop H
Wilson, Frank M. - Troop D
Wilson, Harry W - Troop F
Wilson, James E. - Troop L
Wilson, Jerome - Troop A
Winn, Arthur N. - Troop L
Winter, John G. - Troop F
Winter, Otto R. - Troop F
Wisenberg, Roy O. - Troop I
Wolfe, John W. - Troop M
Wolff, Frederick W. - Troop D
Wood, Leonard - Col.
Wood, William D. - Troop G
Woodin, Frank A. - Troop C - Cpl.
Woodward, John A - Troop D
Woodward, Sidney H. - Troop B
Woog, Benjamin B. - Troop M
Worden, John Lorimer - Troop K
Wormell, John A. - Troop C
Wrenn, Robert D. - Troop A
Wright, Albert P. - Troop C
Wright, Clarence - Troop G
Wright, Edward L. - Troop D
Wright, George - Troop E
Wright, Grant - Troop H
Wright, Hugh B. - Troop E - Sgt.
Wright, William O. - Troop D
Wylie, John B. - Troop H - Sgt.
Wynkoop, Charles W. - Troop E
Wynkoop, Harman H. - Troop E - Cpl.

X - None

Yancey, Kyle - Troop M
Young, Howard G. - Troop I
Young, James E. - Troop K
Young, Samuel - Troop M
Young, Thomas H. - Troop B
Younger, Charles - Troop C
Yost, James G. - Troop C - Blacksmith

Zigler, Daniel J. - Troop E


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Blizzard, Jim - Info. on Carl Scharnhorst

Butcher, Jeanne - Info. on Charles Elmo McPherren

Jones, Virgil Carrington, Roosevelt's Rough Riders. (Garden City, NY: Doubleday & Company, 1971) 282-340.

Price, Walter Winston - Transferred in on July 10, 1898. U.S. Index for Service Records, War with Spain.

Rynning, Thomas - United States, Veterans Administration Master Index, 1917-1940.

Vans Evers, Frank - Info. on Frank Vans Agnew

Wells, Bill - Info. concerning James Ogden Wells being listed erroneously as Joseph Ogden Wells in Rough Rider Rosters

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