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Spanish-American War Reenactment Groups
If you have a group involved in reenacting the life of Soldiers and/or Sailors of the Spanish-American War/Philippine-American War era, let us know. We will be glad to put your group's general information, schedule of activities and email address on-line!
The Editors of The Spanish-American War Centennial Website are providing this information as a courtesy to the reenactment groups listed below. We are not vouching for the accuracy, authenticity, or safety of any of the re-enactment groups we list. Secondly, we recommend that all vintage firearms obtained be inspected by a reputable gunsmith prior to use. We are not vouching for the safety of weapons purchased from the sources mentioned.

Click Here for a list of Spanish American War-related events
Click Here for a contact list of Spanish American War Living History and Re-enactment groups
Click here for an account of the 2001USAWS annual event

Click Here for "K Troop, 1st United States Volunteer Cavalry," Leon County, Texas re-enactment group (No longer in operation)

Click Here for the "2nd Texas Volunteer Infantry, Co. K," a Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas
re-enactment group

Click Here for "The 9th U.S. Infantry, Co.C," an Indiana re-enactment group.

Click Here for "The 20th Kansas Volunteer Infantry, Co. I" a Midwest re-enactment group.

Click Here for The "Boys (and Girls) of '98," a Michigan re-enactment group.

Click Here for Batallon de Cazadores No. 25 “de la Patria” (25th  Rifle Battalion), an Illinois and Ohio based re-enactment group.

Click Here for"The Living History Crew of the USFS OLYMPIA," a Philadelphia living history organization.

Click Here for The Spanish War, 1898, a San Francisco Bay Area living history and re-enactment group!

Click Here for The Filipino Scouts, a Washington-based living history and re-enactment group!

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