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Virtual Visit to the Cruiser OLYMPIA

By Patrick McSherry
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Welcome! You are about to visit the OLYMPIA, the former flagship of the Asiatic Squadron, and Admiral Dewey's flagship at the Battle of Manila Bay.

The following is a virtual tour of the OLYMPIA as she existed at the time of the centennial of her service in the Battle of Manila Bay. The tour will consist of two portions. The first, longer, portion will begin where visitors presently enter the ship, in the vicinity of the senior officers' wardroom on the vessel's Berth Deck and continue through the areas presently open to the public. These include areas on the Berth Deck, Gun Deck and Spar Deck (the names used at the time of the Spanish American War).

The second, shorter portion of the descriptive tour will pertain to areas presently not open to the public, pending the completion of the refurbishing. These are located on the Torpedo Deck and below.

Displays within the vessel, and spaces which were added at a later date or after she was placed out of service (such as the present chapel) are not included in the description. Also, please remember that the vessel is undergoing restoration, and conditions are rapidly changing for the better aboard ship. Some of the photos may indicate some nasty conditions that no longer exist!

Now...that said....if you have purchased your ticket and walked to the vessel, and crossed the gangplank, then....

To visit any particular area of the ship, simply click on the name below, or simply start at the beginning to follow the tour throughout the ship.

The Berth Deck
The senior officers' staterooms
The senior officers' wardroom
The companionway, heading forward
Junior Officers' Wardroom
The engine room hatch
Crew space, Part I (Nordenfeldt Gun, Ash Hoists)
Crew space, Part II (Hammock area, "scuttlebut")
The Firemens' Washroom
The windlass

The Gun Deck

The five inch gun battery
Refrigeration equipment
Crew Space
Admiral Dewey's and Captain Gridley's staterooms

The Spar Deck

The signal bridge
Unknown Soldier Memorial
Auxiliary steering
Open deck
Conning Tower
Navigation bridge
Pilot house
Eight Inch Guns

Torpedo deck and below!

Forward torpedo room
Protective deck
Cofferdam and Wing Passage
After steering
Engine Room
Boiler Room
Coal bunker
Dynamo Room
Shell Handling Room

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