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This email page is to be used to correspond with us concerning information that you believe would make a good contribution to the collection of articles, first-hand accounts, rosters, biographies, unit histories, weapons and ship profiles, etc., that we have on the website. We thank you for your help in this endeavor!

The enlistment (contributors') page provides with the format information. If you have additional questions, please ask.

If you were planning to use this page to write to ask for help on researching a family member or specific person, then I must apologize for the fact that we will be unable to help you. With over 325,000 men involved, it is unlikely that I will not know the name. The best thing we can do is to point you to our page on researching Spanish American War vets at If you write to us with a genealogical request, we will refer you this page. We have been so snowed under with such requests that we have had to take this step.

The website and all on it is searchable using the searchbox on the main page.

Remember...everything on the website is copyrighted! It cannot be reused without permission.

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Thanks for your help!

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