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A Roster of the

U.S. Volunteer Signal Corps

Contributed by Richard Mann

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Below is a partial roster of the U.S. Volunteer Signal Corps. If you have rosters of additional companies of the regiment not listed below, please consider contributing this data to us.


Field and Staff:

Gyger, George R., Capt., Alliance
Chandler, C. DeForest, 1st Lt., Cleveland
Coe, Howard D., 1st Lt., Cleveland
Miller, Edward T.,  1st Lt., Columbus
Hirsch, Gustav, 2nd Lt., Columbus
Lansing, Horace C., 2nd Lt.

9th  Company:

Bourke, Stanley Albert, .Newton, Mass.
Brubaker, Grove Sill,. Cleveland
Chapman, Richard Beman,. Cleveland
Clark, Roy,. Martinís Ferry
Darling, Roy Fairchild, Elmere
Derr, Willard Burton, Martinís Ferry
Langan, William Patrick, .Cleveland
Larter, Thomas Chamberlain, .Cleveland
Lindsley, Louis Daniel, Norwalk
Lore, Sommers James,. Lodi
Manchester, Louis Bertram, .Adrian, Michigan
Preston, James Ernest,. Cleveland
Reilly, Clarence Edward,. Cleveland
Rider, Stuart McKee., Cambridge Springs, Pa.
Sheehan, William Joseph, .Cleveland
Showater, Harry Lloyd,. Lorain
Thoma, John., Norwalk
Thomas, Harry Leonard,. Cleveland
Whalen, Bennie Francis,. Cleveland
Whitney, Louis Madison,. Wellsville

13th Company:

Batterson, Frank J, Sciotoville
Bratton, Blair H., Cleveland
Brown, Burl E., Somerset
Buckler, Herbert S., Rawndale
Chapman, Allen B., Canton
Chilcote, August J, Columbus
DuBols, Lawrence L., Bellaire
Finney, William C.,  Logan
Flagg, Dana O., West Berlin
Gorham, Ray., Carroll
Gow, William L., Columbus
Hadley, William W., Portsmouth
Harter, Herbert L,. Delaware
Herrington, William C., Detroit, Michigan
Jaquith, Lewis W., Columbus
Johnson, Walter S., Mt Vernon
Johnston, John D., Columbus
Jones, Harry W., Delaware
Jones, Thomas C., Grandville
Pilcher, Hastings M., Athens
Rapp, Joseph L., Columbus
Rarey, Howard L., Groveport
Roby, Ralph E., Lancaster
Romans, William P.
Shaw, R. Ross, Groveport
Shetrone, Henry C., Millersport
Steele, James A., Columbus
Thomas, Arthur, Canton
Van Atta, Roy, E., Columbus
Wright, Orliffe, O. Logan


Official History of the Ohio National Guard and Ohio Volunteers. (Cleveland: The Plain Dealer (newspaper), 1909)(Ohio troops in the field and staff, 9th and 13th companies)

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