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Roster of  Troop C, New York Volunteer Cavalry

Contributed by John LaBarre

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Troop C of the New York Volunteer Cavalry served in Puerto Rico during the Spanish American War

The Roster:

Field and Staff:

Bertram T. Clayton, Capt.,
Winthrop M. Tuttle, 1st Lt., age 35
Henry Claus, 2nd Lt., age 32
George H. Weymouth, 1st Sgt., age 26
Paul Grout, Quartmaster Sgt., age 31
Charles I. DeBevoise, Sgt., age
Edward McLeer, Jr., Sgt., age 25
John S. Fiske, Sgt., age 27, (acting Sergeant-Major)
Louis S. Barrett, Trumpeter, age 24
Robert M. O'Neill, Trumpeter, age 21

First Section

Non-commissioned officers:

Edward H. Walker, Sgt.,age 29
William S. Norton, Cpl.,age 21
Maruice V. Theall, Cpl., age 22


Benjamin, Charles P., age 27
Bell, Walter L., age 24
Backus, Charles, age 29
Backus, Phillip R., age 21
Cronkite, Roman L., age 24
Cronkite, James G., age 19
Faul, Arthur A., age 19
Faulkner, Albert U., age 25
Fergueson, Hugh M., age 21
Grady, William P., age 23
Henshaw, Oliver B., age 27, died of kick from horse, July 3, 1898
Jardin, (also spelled Jardine) Alexander, age 32
Pinover, John, age 24
Randall, George W. Jr., age 26
Richards, Francis W., age 26
Ulrick, Freedom N., age 29
Wieters, Otto F., age 28
Waller, Frederick, age 20

 McCue, Frank, Saddler, age 33

Second Section

Non-commissioned officers:

James Crook McLeer, Sgt., age 25
Edward D. Brown, Cpl., age 29, died Ft Meyer hospital, July 16, 1898
James Weir, Cpl., age 25


Bryant, William B., age 21
Bryant, Mortimer D., age 20
Byrne, Edward J., age 24
Christopher, Albert W., age 20
Commisky, Archibald F., age 23
Cameron, Henry DeH., age 30
Cadenas, Henry T., age 21
Fiske, Charles E., age 28
Goodrich, Charles P., age 30
Holmes, Horace B., age 26
Johnston, Frederick E., age 21
Merry, Henry L., age 22
McLeer, Charles B., age 21
McKnight, Harvey S., age 32
Mullarky, George A., age 21
Montgomery, John, age 29
Pittaluga, John, age 28
Shewan, Edwin A., age 20
Walsh, James J., age 22
Wertheimer, Issac, age 23

Third Section

Non-commissioned officers:

Howard P. Armstrong, Cpl., age 23
George J. Morgan, Cpl., age 28


Angell, Frank S., age 27
Anderson, Edwin S., age 27
Benson, Victor, age 27, transferred to Rough Riders at Camp Alger, July 9, 1898
Bigelow, Elliott, Jr., age 24
Crook, Milton M., age 27
Clayton, Alfred J., age 26, appointed waggoner
Fiala, Anthony, age 28
Field, Robert B., age 24
Hayes, William A., age 25
Loomis, Edward M., age 28
Moon, William H., age 22
Marx, William B., age 24
Newton, Arthur B., age 19
Otis, Frank B.,
O'Brien, James J., age 19
Pettee, Walter C., age 27
Stevenson, Albert N., age 27
Selner, Henry, age 24
Trickler, (also spelled Truckler) Robert, age 30
Blacksmith, LeFrancois, Henry J.,  Blacksmith, age 28
Farrier, Porzer, Oscar, Farrier, discharged July 23, to U.S. Army as veterinary surgeon
Schaming, Peter, Wagoner, age 30

Fourth Section

Non-commissioned officers:

Charles Curie, Jr., Sgt., age 26
Henry Olin Wilson, Cpl., age 28
Henry J. Wieman, Cpl., age 29


Bush, Noel M., age 22
Bennett, Epenetus H., age 21
DeBevoise, Cornelius S., age 22
Fish, Slbert R., age 25
Griffin, Arthur J., age 21
Hodgskin, Henry T., age 24
Kimball, Walter C., age 26, discharged July 26, to 1st U.S. Volunteer Engineers as 2nd Lieutenant
Kitchen, James J.,Jr., age 26
Lester, William B., age 27
Maclin, James C., age 28
Mather, Sydney G., age 26
Ogilvie, Frank B., age 23
Peters, Daniel S., age 23
Patterson, Alfred J., age 22
Rich, Claude J., age 21
Stevenson, George S., age 22
Swezey, Frederick C., age 20
Twyeffort, Loius V., age 28
Wilson, James W., age 26
Wolters, John H., age 31
Zeman, Joseph L., age 24

Additional notes:

Beckel, Goerge W., Pvt., mustered out June 20, for disability
Benjamin, Frederick J.,  Pvt.,  enlisted Sept 1, 1899 to replace, Henry R. Noyes
Noyes, Henry R.,  Pvt., enlisted July 27 at Camp Brooke, discharged for disability Aug 31, 1898
Mosher, Carroll Le Roy, Pvt.,  enlisted July 27 at Camp Brooke
Palmedo, Alexander M.,  Pvt., age 29, discharged for disability June 14, 1898
Storke, Willis J.,  Pvt., transfered from 3rd Inf, July 23, at Camp Alger
Sunder (also spelled Sundes), Ernest,  Pvt., enlisted at Camp Brooke, July 27
Tilford, James D.,  Pvt., enlisted July 23, at Camp Alger


Fiala, Anthony. Troop "C" in Service. (Brooklyn NY: Eagle Press, 1899).

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