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A List of Spanish American War Veterans Buried in
Puerto Rico

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ASHFORD, BAILEY K., Lt. (Later Col.)
 U.S. Army Medical Corps (September 18, 1873 - November 1, 1934)(Section A, Plot 1204, Puerto Rico National Cemetery, Bayamon, Puerto Rico)

 3rd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, Co. H (Died October 31, 1893)(Cementerio Municipal, Caguas, Puerto Rico)

FRIEDMAN, SAMUEL G. Pvt, 1st Class
 (June 12, 1875 - November 9, 1939). (Section C, Plot 12, Puerto Rico National Cemetery, Bayamon, Puerto Rico)

 9th U.S. Infantry, Co D (May 20, 1873 - February 20, 1908)(Puerto Rico National Cemetery, Bayamon, Puerto Rico)

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