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"Principado de Asturias"
by Francisco José Díaz Díaz

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Dates of Muster-In/Muster-out: This volunteer battalion was created during the Cuban War. Its men were enlisted as volunteers of the "Principado de Asturias" (Asturias is a Spanish Region at north of Spain). The unit served in Puerto Rico.

Size of Battalion: 1,165  men.

Losses: ?

Location of service: Holguin (Cuba)

Actions: ?

Unit History:

When the War against the Cuban rebels began, the regional Government of Asturias ordered the creation of one volunteer battalion with men from Asturias. This battalion was created by Royal Order of Campaign, on April 18, 1896.

This battalion included:

Staff Detachment:

1 Lieutenant Colonel,
2  comandantes (comparable to a major in the US Army),
3 captains,
1 alferez (comparable to a 2nd lieutenant in the US Army) for carrying the regimental flag,
2 medical doctors (officers),
1 army chaplain (officer),
1 cornet corporal,
1 gunsmith.
6 companies:
1st, 2nd, 3th and 4th companies each having 1 captain, 3 lieutenants, 1
alferez, 5 sergeants, 10 corporals, 4  cornets, 4 soldiers of 1st class (veterans) and 163 2nd class soldiers.

5th and 6th companies each having 1 captain, 4 alferez, 5 sergeants, 10 corporals, 4 cornets, 4 soldiers of 1st class (veterans) and 162 2nd class soldiers.

The total number of men was 1163. This battalion was equipped with 7 mm Remington Rifles (Model 1889). The officers were equipped with Lefaucheux revolvers (model 1863) and spanish infantry sabre (Model 1887).


Carrasco García, Antonio En guerra con los Estados Unidos. Cuba 1898 (In war against United States. Cuba 1898), published by Editorial Almena S.L, Madrid 1998.

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