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The History of Company H, 49th Iowa Volunteer Infantry

and Biographies of its Officers

Contributed by Judy Landauer
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The following is the printed history of the 49th Iowa, Company H and biographies of its officers.

The History:

"Company H was organized in Marshalltown, Iowa, June 4th, 1897, by R. N. DARLEY, Charles S. ALDRICH and others, Mr. DARLEY being elected Captain and Mr. ALDRICH First Lieutenant.  Although young in the service, Company H showed their courage and patriotism by responding unanimously to the President's call. The farewell given the Company upon its departure from home showed full well the esteem in which it is held in its native county.  Thousands of parents and friends bade the boys a hearty but tearful Godspeed, and safe return.  Captain DARLEY was succeeded by Captain ALDRICH in December, 1897.

Captain Charles S. ALDRICH was born in Cedar County, Iowa, and was educated in the public schools and in the Iowa State University, taking the B. A. degree in 1895, and the law course in 1896.  He joined Company B, First Regiment Iowa National Guard, at Tipton, in February, 1888, and serving through the various grades became First Lieutenant in 1895, at which time he moved his residence to Marshalltown, Iowa, and assisted in the organization of his present Company, becoming First Lieutenant.  In December, 1897, he became Captain, vice Captain R. N. DARLEY, resigned, which position he held at the outbreak of the Spanish- American war.  Captain ALDRICH responded promptly to the President's call, and reported with his Company, 90 men strong, at Camp McKinley, Des Moines, Iowa, for duty. In civil life Captain ALDRICH is a lawyer, and practices his
profession at Marshalltown, Iowa.

First Lieutenant Bruce F. MOFFATT was born in Marshall County, Iowa, and was educated in the public schools, graduating from the Marshalltown high school with honors.  His military career began soon after the organization of Company H, and his marked efficiency in military matters led to his election as First Lieutenant in January, 1898.  Lieutenant MOFFATT is a splendid officer, always looking to the welfare of the men of his Company.  He is well up in military tactics and is a good disciplinarian.

Second Lieutenant Frank N. HARADON, born and reared in Marshalltown, Iowa, received military training at the Shattuck Military Academy and was captain of a company there.  He also took a B.A. course at Yale University (1894), and graduated from the Kent College of Law, Chicago, in 1895.  He refused to accept the position of Second Lieutenant when the Company was organized, and again refused the First Lieutenant's place when offered him in January, 1898, serving as sergeant until after the Company had been mustered into the United States Volunteer Service, when he was elected Second Lieutenant. Lieutenant HARADON is a capable officer, and is well liked by the members of the Company."


"Historical and Biographical Souvenir of the 49th Iowa U.S. Volunteer Infantry.  Illustrated with scenes of camp life." (Jacksonville, FL 1898).

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