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A Roster of the

35th Michigan Volunteer Infantry, Company D

Contributed by Nancy Petersen
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Sgt. Martin Paschal Elder of Co. D,  35th Michigan
Sgt. Martin Paschal Elder of Company D,  35th Michigan Volunteer Infantry.
Elder was promoted to sergeant at Camp Mackenzie, Augusta, Georgia, on Dec. 7, 1898,
three days before the Spanish American War officially ended. Elder is shown in his sergeant's uniform.


Below is a roster of the 35 Michigan Volunteer Infantry, Company D. This unit served in the continental U.S. during the war.

The Roster:


John B. Haines, Captain, Dundee
Sylvester S. Zeluff, 1st Lieut., Dundee
Charles A. Jordan, 2d Lieut, Dundee


John F. Woodard, 1st Sergt, Kalamazoo
C.F. Haines, Q.M. Sergt, Dundee
Frank S. French, Sergt, Dundee
William G. Drake, Sergt., Blissfield
Chas. R. Cahill, Sergt, Tecumseh
Andrew Arthur, Sergt. Victor


Bert O. Chapman, Corporal, Dundee
Martin P. Elder, Corporal, Petersburg [later  promoted to Sgt.]
John W. Snell, Corporal, London
Conrad F. Herzog, Corporal, Maybee
Arthur K. Gould, Corporal, Milan
William Cavanaugh, Corporal, London
William E. Throop, Corporal, Adrian
Edward J. Mooney, Corporal, Northville
Myrt Terry, Corporal, St. Johns
Benj. S. Eggleston, Corporal, Jonesville
Carl W. Schafer, Corporal, Ida

Andrew Maurer, Musician, Adrian
Chas. E. Edwards, Musician, Dundee

Milton Mates, Artificer, Lulu
William L. Buck, Wagoner, Dundee


Michigan Volunteers of  '98, A complete photographic record of Michigan's part in the Spanish-American War of 1898. Official Souvenir (Published by G.F. Sterling and Co, Detroit, Mich., c1898).

Petersen, Nancy Elder - information and photo of Martin Paschal Elder

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