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The Roster of the 1st Missouri Volunteer Infantry

Company E

Contributed by Barry Iglinsky
Transcribed by Debbie Ferguson, Photographs by Brenda Sanders

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Below is the roster of the regimental staff and Company E of the First Missouri Volunteer Infantry, Company E. If you have rosters of additional companies of the regiment and want to submit then do us, please do so by visiting this page.

Hat Insignia of the 1st Missoui Volunteer Infantry
The hat insignia of Company E

Field and Staff Officers of the Regiment:

Colonel, Edwin Batdorf
Lt. Col., John H. Cavender
Maj., Alfred Q. Kennett
Maj., Clarence B. Sinclair
Maj., Alvarade M. Fuller
Adjutant, George B. Webster
Bat. Adjt., Harry H. Hinton
Bat. Adjt., James Z. Burgee
Bt. Adj., Arthur B. Donnelly
Surg. Maj., John R. Hereford
Assít Surg., James S. Holland
Assít Surg., Thomas P. Welch
Quartermaster, Clarence E. Delafieldstaff

Company E Officers:

Captain, Albert A. Marquardt
1st Lieut., Thomas L. Mills
2d Lieut., Wilson L. Pierce

1st Sergt., Ernest Schoen


Q.M., Frederick W. Forgus
Charles L.(?) Williams
Cleveland Groshon
Claude W. Gignoux
James W. Brewer


Lewis J. Ritschy
William T. S. Mullen
Robert L. Jones
Herman Meyer
Harry J. Christopher
Joseph Roberts


Arthur B. Bell
Edward J. Flesh


Louis F. Pabst


Jacob Weber


Adams, George H
Baird, William H
Bacigulupo, John
Beenken, Herman
Bell, John J
Blankenship, Clyde M
Burg, Adolph
Busby, Harry C
Buttweiler, Edward B
Carroll, Ansel J
Chapman, John T
Clifton, Clarence A
Cochran, George S
Cody, John W
Detrich, Don V
Dinkgrave, John T
Dorn, Emil L
Duncan, George W
Ebbs, Albert E
Florida, Frank E
Frankel, Calvin
Fristsche, Fred, Jr
Fry, Charles F
Gardner, George B
Gerber, Emil E
Goodin, William G
Goodin, Robert E
Grace, Robert E
Grace, Richard H
Gunn, Louis F
Harris, William
Harris, Frank P
Harris, George F
Hasselle, Marcellus C
Hawkins, Frank
Hayes, Wade S
Hebenstreit, Edward H
Hubbel, Oliver T
Hunt, Paul C
Jenkins, James A
Johnson, Henry V
Johnson, Arthur T
Jones, Andrew J
Jones, Levi J
Keane, James J
Keough, James J
Kimler, Eugene
Kraft, Edward H
Krehmeyer, Leo J
Kershaw, Thomas H
Kubisch, William E
LeGrand, Nicholas
Lewis, George E
Locke, Arthur C
Luzzi, Arthur E
Lynds, Ernest S
Manderville, Charles H
Manson, Richard M
Marquardt, Armin M
Molen, Grafton P
McCloskey, Frank
McCormack, Harry E
McCourtney, James M
Nelson, Neil P
Neubauer, Julius
Nutt, Harry N
Parker, George T
Peck, Robert M
Peters, Franklin
Reitz, Henry A
Roach, William J
Rose, Alfred J
Reuhman, William P
Runge, William M
Sargent, Sterling I
Sallee, Harry H
Sanders, George C
Schmidt, Henry A
Schneider, Fred
Shaw, Mathew J
Shigg, Jacob
Sievers, Bernard C
Splete, Jule R
Stout, Charles F
Straszer, Walter
Thompson, John B
Tibbetts, Otis E
Vogel, Fred
Whetton, Aubrey L
Windt, Henry C

Dog tag of Aubrey Whetton, 1st Missouri Volunteer Infantry, 1898

A "dog tag" belonging to Aubrey Whetton of the 1st Missouri, Comany E


The information is from a published roster, published and copyrighted by C. T. Fuller of Buffalo, N. Y. in 1898.

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