The Monitor Puigcerda

By Francisco Jose Diaz Diaz

During the last Carlist War, the Spanish Government ordered the construction ofvarious ships to support the loyal army in the north. One of this ship was the monitor PUIGCERDA. The vessel existed into the era of the Spanish American War.


PUIGCERDA was the only monitor which saw service in the Spanish Navy. During the last Carlist War, the City of Bilbao (North of Spain) was blockaded by the Carlist troops. To support the garrison of Bilbao, Spanish Government bought this monitor in France. She was launched in 1874 and was commissioned in 1875. PUIGCERDA and  gunboats SEGURA, ARLANZA and TURIA served in the Nervión River, which passes through Bilbao. When the war ended, she was sent to Ferrol Harbor until 1890. In 1890 she was decommissioned.

On 1898, when Spanish American War broke out, Monitor PUIGCERDA was rearmed and sent to Vigo Harbour to prevent an American attack on the Spanish Coast. In 1900 the vessel was sold.


The monitor design was outdated, and not suitable for modern seagoing warfare.


On 1898, when Spanish American War burst, Monitor "Puigcerdá" was rearmed and sent to Vigo Harbour to prevent American attack to Spanish Coast. In 1900 was sold.


Classification Iron-Hulled Monitor
Keel Laid  
Launched: 1874
Hull Iron
Armament: One 160 mm (6.3 inch) guns
Two 120 (4.7 inch) guns
Contractor: Forges et Chantiers de la Mediterreneé, La Seyne, Toulon, France.
Length: 41 m
Beam: 9 m
Draft: 2 m
Displacement 553 tons
Complement: 59 men
Engine Type: Engines listed as generating 530 HP
Boiler Type: ?
Speed: 8 knots
Coal bunker capacity: 23 tons
Normal coal supply: ?
Armor: 100 mm thick
Cost: ?


 Lledó Calabuig,  José  "Buques de Vapor de la Armada Española 1834-1885" (Steam ships of Spanish Navy from 1834 to 1885) (Madrid, 1998, published by Agualarga Editores S.L.)

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